Harmony College NW, June 16 - 18, 2017 - University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA


Check out the fun testimonials and pitches for HCNW on the HCNW FaceBook page.  You will see some of your barbershop friends giving heartfelt statements of what Harmony College has meant to them. As a bonus, you’ll get to see some shameless hucksterism, which will certainly be worth a bump when you see them at Harmony College this year.

Registrations are coming in. April was a very good month, and May typically is our biggest burst of sign ups. If you are sitting on the fence, go get the missing piece of information that will get you to yes. (Go to the website, or give me a call.)  If you are a dawdler… well, there’s probably not much we or the doctors can do to change that, but, be advised, some terrific opportunities will be closed to you when you finally do decide to register.    For instance, lots of quartets are signing up for coaching, to the point where we can see running out of coaching slots.

New Faculty: We have faculty who will be new to the HCNW teaching scene. These include: Brian and Jean Barford, Duncan Gilman, Lucy Heinkel, Andrea Olsen, Will Fox, Nancy Cornwell, Marsha Kelly, Chris Rimple and Robert Rund. We are also bringing back many popular faculty from years past. These faculty can bring you new information and insights, and definitely light a new fire in your barbershop heart.

Not long until lift off!

Early Bird Ends MidnightMay 31, 2017 

Information and registration at:  www.harmonycollege.org

WAIT! You've already registered? GREAT! Bring a friend...

See you there!

Angie McKee, Harmony of the Gorge Team Leader, HCNW Marketing Coordinator