A small group from the TotemAires stopped by Red Robin on May 6th to have some lunch.  (Awesome service there, by the way). 

While we were there, we noticed another group with some gifts, and asked one of the patrons if they were having a Birthday party.  They confirmed they were. 

We asked if they might like us to sing, so after a little while, we went over and sang a very happy birthday to Kirsten.  

You can see the video - courtesy of our awesome server, Jennifer: https://www.facebook.com/jennnifermarkham/videos/o.537162346414198/1770884512928068

It's been almost a month now, and we received the nicest note from the sweet lady that said we could sing - her note reads: 

"Dear TotemAires, I wanted to thank you again for sharing happiness & your talents with my family last Saturday (5/6) at the Red Robin restaurant in Tacoma.  You were SO sweet to offer & we truely enjoyed!  Later, the wait staff sang to my neice and daughter-in-law - we all agreed we enjoyed your group more! Thank you again - you brighten the world! - Michelle. - PS...you also brought so many good memories for me.  My late husband, Dale, sang barbershop all through Junior and High School in Renton.  Good People.  Good Times." 

Michelle, THANK YOU for your kind words.  We're glad that we were able to brighten your day, and, brought you some great memories to remember Dale.  We appreciate your note, and appreciate your sending it to us! 

Sincerely, The Tacoma TotemAires