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Old Alt Bookings



Yes you can book a 10-40 man choir, a 4 man quartet, or a karaoke-backed soloist.

The choir focuses in barbershop harmony, which is a sub-genre of Pop, but features contemporary pieces as well. Quartets have a wider reach, while soloists cater to all genres. Specific song selections are dependent on current repertoire, time necessary to rehearse new music prior to performance, and individual skill level. Please email sing@TacomaVocalStandard.com for specific booking details.

Rates are established on an individual bases and are dependent on type of event, location, travel time, number of singers required, and other variables. Discount rates are given to non-profits and charitable organizations, and lower rates are set for soloists and quartets vs. the entire choir. For specific pricing information, please contact sing@TacomaVocalStandard.com.

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