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Where Music meets Community.

About Us

Welcome to Tacoma’s premier Men’s Barbershop Harmony Chorus within Washington State.  

We proudly call Division II our home within the Evergreen District of the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS). 

Founded in 1946, we have been entertaining audiences with close harmony for more than 75 years and are today one of the BHS’s fastest growing chapters in the nation.

So, what are you waiting for? Just hum along until you learn your part and helps us Keep the Whole World Singing! 

Sing with Us!

Tacoma Vocal Standard rehearses every Tuesday from 7:00PM-9:30PM in Allen Hall of Bellarmine Preparatory School, located at 2300 S Washington St, Tacoma, WA 98405

Questions? Contact us: sing@TacomaVocalStandard.com

Tacoma Vocal Standard believes in harmony.

We are welcoming to all. That includes everyone. 
We sing in a fair & safe environment. 
We do not judge others, especially on their singing ability. 

We turn off all tech on the risers. 
We wait to be invited to join the chorus on the risers. 
We adhere to the Ten-Second Rule*. 
We do not sing or hum when the pitch is blown.
We do not sing or hum when other sections are singing, we listen instead. 
We defer questions to section leaders whenever possible. 
We wait to privately give criticism and praise of leadership, including the director.
We are committed to attending rehearsal or performance for the entire duration.
We are active recruiters. Singing is more fun when we are able to share it with our brothers.
We have fun at the right time. 
We spread the joy of harmony through song and performance. 

*When the Director pauses rehearsal, please wait 10 seconds for instructions before starting side conversations.


Leadership Team

President – Ed Gentz

Executive VP – Alex Stahl
Music VP – Conner Crowder
Membership VP – Victor Sobolewski
Marketing VP – Conner Crowder
Secretary – Terry Warford
Treasurer – Eric Brown
Youth Outreach – Vacant
Grant Writing – Vacant
Board Members At Large – Randy Radke and Vince Fiore

Music Team

Music Director – Sam Booth

Music VP – Alex Stahl

Assistant Directors – Alex Stahl and Neal Booth

Tenor Section Leaders – Conner Crowder

Lead Section Leaders – Larry Breitbarth and Aaron Stahl

Baritone Section Leaders – Rick Spero

Bass Section Leaders – Alex Stahl and Neal Booth

Music Librarian – Randy Radke

Director Interim Emeritus – Ken Potter

Resident Old Guy Advice – Neal Booth

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